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Most Challenges charge extra for Boot Camp Workouts. We don’t! They’re built into our Group Exercise Schedule. We also encourage participation in other types of classes and/or utilizing the weight floor and cardio room to meet your goals. Along with these classes, we require you to hire one of our Personal Trainers. Our P.T. will listen to your goals and learn your exercise and health histories. They will develop exercise and nutrition plans for you. You may hire them once a month or however many times per week you’d like! Here’s our basic recommendation…
– Purchase a 3 month membership at Olympic Fitness. A Full Club Membership includes all of our classes, plus use of the Cardio & Weight Floors. The cost of this 3 month membership is $165. A Cardio & Weights Only Membership costs $90.
– Hire a trainer. We recommend AT LEAST a 3 session (1 hour per session) package which costs $130. You may decide to purchase more training at any time.
– You and your trainer will agree on your Exercise Plan, outlining which days and which classes or workouts you will perform. It’s up to you to show up for your workouts.
– You and your trainer will decide on an initial Nutrition Plan for you, which will include some food combining ideas and recipes. They will help you fine-tune the plan as you get closer to your goals.
– Your trainer will be available via email in between Personal Training sessions to help with roadblocks and questions.MOST IMPORTANTLY…we can help you reach your goals! We want you to be a success in YOUR eyes!